Complete College Idaho

Complete College Idaho Plan

A Plan for Growing Talent to Fuel Innovation and Economic Growth in the Gem State.

The State Board has set an ambitious goal that 60% of Idahoans ages 25-34 will have a degree or certificate by 2020.

  • Idaho must grow talent within the state to fuel innovation and economic competitiveness.
  • Increased education attainment improves the quality of life for Idahoans and drives a vibrant, diverse economy.
  • Idaho’s increased education attainment must be responsive to businesses that will employ the workforce of the future.
  • It is imperative we commit to efficiently and effectively increase postsecondary degrees and certificates.


    Key Strategies

    Strengthen the Pipeline – Secondary Students
    • Better prepare students for the rigor and expectations of postsecondary education prior to exiting high school.
    • Provide students and parents better access to information and resources regarding postsecondary programs, options and opportunities.
    • Increase the likelihood of college completion through Dual Credit and Tech Prep programs.
    Transform Remediation – Secondary/Postsecondary Students
    • Provide needed alignment through the Common Core State Standards, which are built upon workforce and college-readiness expectations.
    • Develop a statewide framework for transformational models of remedial placement and support.
    • Develop strategies and goals to improve remediation.
    Demystify College – Postsecondary Students
    • Implement systemic advising linking education to careers.
    • Develop a state-level web portal to provide clear information about pathways to degrees and certificates.
    • Develop strong, guaranteed statewide articulation and credit transfer policies to provide postsecondary options for students and families.
    Structure for Success – Postsecondary Students
    • Develop accelerated certificate and degree packages to reduce time to completion.
    • Employ statewide faculty leaders to develop continuous improvement strategies that promote student success.
    • Develop options for adult reintegration into postsecondary programs to concentrate on the large number of Idahoans that are near completion.
    • Develop community college options for cost effective delivery of postsecondary education in Eastern Idaho.
    Reward Progress and Completion – Institutions
    • Generate reports from the statewide student longitudinal data system that will drive decision making by identifying progress and needs for improvement.
    • Implement performance funding to incentivize completion and attainment.